Showrss not updating

12-Aug-2020 00:16

Next, go to the tag in the sidebar, right click on it and set its 'initial save location' from the Files menu.Note that there is a bug in 5620 that prevents this from working correctly with subscriptions that have 'auto download' enabled - join the Beta Program to get a fixed version.I have known that people automate this using RSS for some time but have not looked into it until today.I am familiar with RSS and use it daily but I cannot seem to find a good tutorial that will take me step by step through the process. Tell it what shows you want, and tell it if you want HD or not.

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Works great, I can expect shows that air the previous day to be downloaded and everything by the next morning.

After clicking Subscribe, follow the 3-step process outlined at the top of the Search Results Page to complete your subscription: Refine, Name, and Schedule.