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Shu Qi has also received a nomination for Best Actress from the Golden Horse Awards, according to Shu Qi plays a female hired killer, Nie Yinniang, who receives a dangerous order to kill a high-ranking official in eighth century China.Her target also happens to be a prince who she was once betrothed to.He was always there when she needed him the most – something that’s never changed in over 20 years! In fact, the stress from her public and private life became so great that she would drink until she passed out. In early 2000, Shu Qi faced one of the darkest moments in her career when she was dating Leon Lai. Another dress and clothes worn by Fung, 42, were picked two days before the bridal shoot from a roadside outlet.The only expensive item on display must have been Fung's gift to her of a three-carat platinum diamond ring, worth NT million (S0,000), from Bvlgari, said Apple.Even while they were just friends, Stephen and Shu Qi would often share their secrets with each other.When Shu Qi was feeling unhappy, she always first turn to Stephen and share her thoughts and struggles.

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Rumors swirled for years that the two were dating, but neither had confirmed their relationship. The wedding photos, taken in Prague, show Shu in a simple white gown, smiling happily for photos with Fung, wearing a black suit.

In recent years, he shifted his focus to work behind the scenes.