Signs your coworkers are dating

21-Mar-2020 02:16

Or they're showing signs of secrecy, resting the phone face-down and taking phone calls out of earshot.

Changes in mobile phone use can be a telling sign of an affair.

Try not to start with an accusation, says Manning who adds, opening the conversation with something like: "We don't seem as close as we usually are/you seem distracted, and I have started to worry about you, and even wonder if you are having an affair".

"A person who starts yelling or telling you that you are crazy for example is not necessarily guilty of having an affair, but is unable to listen and take care of a worried partner.

"Call a friend or family member to drive you somewhere if you need some breathing space."Responses to complicated questions like these aren't always so black-and-white.

You're partner may say nothing is going on, yet you may still feel worried - if this is the case Jacqui suggests seeking professional help to talk things through.

Try and be as calm as possible; you could even write down your thoughts and feelings.

Tell them why you are worried and see what they say," she asserts.

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Maybe you've noticed your partner won't let you use their phone, when the once did.These are some of the most basic signs to tell if a coworker likes you that you may mistake as simple polite coworker behavior.

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