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21-Feb-2021 08:16

Paul O'Grady will return as host for the special, which will see a Prince Charming try to find a special princess to spend the holidays with.

After a series of questions, Charming will then have to choose between three pantomime princesses – Cinderella, Tinkerbell and Snow White – before sweeping the lucky lady off her feet.

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All are agile performers, each playing a bevy of characters, often in same scene.

Anna Spearpoint displays brilliantly malleable facial expressions and talent for accents as a Geordie Fairy Godmother in a fuzzy gilet, a Somerset cow (denoted by a bum-bag with udders), a Brummie gnome and Macedonian Rumpelstiltskin, while Amanda Shodeko gives full-on grotesquery as both ugly sisters (one is particularly slobbery) and the gormless prince.

That’s when the Ugly Sisters smother Buttons with custard pies and he in turn spreads foam around the audience, to the delighted squeals of the children.

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The 22-year-old from Glasgow has been playing Jack from Before going on his blind date, Craig will have to choose which princess to take with him.

The actor will decide between 31-year-old Gemma from London (Cinderella), 25-year-old Loren from Great Yarmouth (Tinkerbell) and 24-year-old Naomi from Northampton (Snow White).

But who is the fairest question answerer of them all?

But the real stars are hard-working Buttons (Jamie Smith, under his stage name Brook), the raven-haired Cinderella, a lovely unaffected performance by Georgie Leatherland, and Prince Charming, played with wide-eyed charm and a streak of naughtiness by Cameron Burt.

Cabaret king Kit Hesketh-Harvey brings his trademark sardonic wit, dripping with double-entendres, to the role of Dandini.

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