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The high contrast style is still preferred for text typesetting in printed newspapers, books and magazines in Sri Lanka.

Today, the alphabet is used by over 16,000,000 people to write Sinhala in very diverse contexts, such as newspapers, TV commercials, government announcements, graffiti, and schoolbooks.

Your parents may be harbouring that residual hatred from being a part of the generation which saw the most tension between our people. If your parents actually open up to interacting with Tamil people and seeing them as well, people they will find it easier to accept them.

Or they may just have a perspective of 'this must be one of the good ones'.

During the second half of the 19th century, during the Colonial period, a new style of Sinhala letterforms emerged in opposition to the monolinear and geometric form being high contrast in appearance and having varied thicknesses.

This high contrast type gradually replaced the monolinear type as the preferred style which continues to be used in the present day.

It is also possible to have no vowel following a consonant.Sinhala script is an abugida written from left to right. The core set of letters forms the śuddha siṃhala alphabet (Pure Sinhala, ශුද්ධ සිංහල), which is a subset of the miśra siṃhala alphabet (Mixed Sinhala, මිශ්‍ර සිංහල).By the 9th century CE, literature written in Sinhala script had emerged and the script began to be used in other contexts.I'm dating a Tamil guy and I have to keep it as a secret because my parents are completely against it. I'm already turning 27 and I feel really depressed about this situation.

I don't understand what's with the extreme hate. I don't want to cause a controversial issue here. But you can find it everywhere in the world I feel that most sinhalese who live in Sri Lanka today do not hate tamils.

Tamils actually live in Sri Lanka are much much more friendlier. There could be isolated rare parts in the country where some Tamils still hate Sinhalese and vise versa. I am Tamil married to a sinhalese girl and her parents hated tamils since they had moved out of sri Lanka in the late 70s.

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