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I was kind of surprised that we tried a 10 way today. The first four jumpers acted like a plug in the door that 5,6,7 had to punch out with 8,9,10 hanging on trying to keep up.

They know where I'm at and are keeping it fun for me and the other low time jumpers. We'd line up against a large tree so that we could actually push the whole thing to simulate the effort required to eject it out of the door.

These were designated POPS jumps Not bad for a group of OLD FARTS, eh?

The jump was done from under 9,800ft AGL (low ceiling forced) 2.

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Not sure what speed stars were like back in the old days but we do them all the time at our dz. I wore a bandana around my face like a bandit because I would get road rash on my chin from the jumper in front of me's reserve. We found that exits slower than 1.5 seconds were precarious and highly unlikely to result in an intact ten way. From those beer barrel shaped style & accuracy rigs to Hank the Crank's flat pak pigs!! There for a weekend or two down at O-Die, Mack's Beech was down for maintenance and we did get some 3 Cessna formations and pulled off some good stars,..faster than the Beech as we had 3 chunks of 4 people close together. We got the star really high.....we looked around the star with this expression of...."Now What? You Beech nuts had to wear Bell motorcycle helmets. #10's feet often left the floor a long way from the door and then would just barely miss the top of the door on the way out. Originally base and pin were 1 and 2 outa the plane then someone came up with the idea of dumpin' 4 floaters as a chunk, base and pin followed by 4 divers and everyone met in the middle. No part of any jumper is allowed to show outside the a/c before exit.

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See attached for the start of a sub-four second ten way round out of a DC3 in 1986.Skydiving school is for the adventurers and enthusiasts out there ready to take it a step further.