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She also has few female friends, and the ones she does have she tends to screw over.

Fast-forward to 1876, and along comes Becky Thatcher seducing Tom Sawyer with -- you guessed it -- her “yellow hair plaited into two long tails.” Though Becky in Mark Twain’s world is less conniving and more a symbol of an unattainable, beautiful girl, it’s the start of a trend.

As a "victim" of the new technology, the town worker had more leisure than had even his recent ancestors.

What we do know: The name Becky has become a stand-in for a generic woman, generally white, who is familiar with sexual acts.

Skip ahead to Sir Mix A Lot, who adds the phrase “oh my god Becky, look at her butt,” to the cultural lexicon.

The lyrics to indicate Becky and her friend are white, somewhat basic, and mildly racist, as they do not understand the appeal of a woman's shapely posterior or wider definitions of beauty than their own.

“At that point [in your life], the best approach is to treat dating like making friends,” Aimee says.

“You might be a newbie to romantic relationships but chances are you’ve had lots of platonic friendships in your past.” You’re still navigating different emotions and dynamics, which you already know how to do. Follow in their footsteps and learn from their mistakes. If you’ve waited a long time to date then, like my friend, you’ll probably have the natural inclination to jump at the first person who comes along. “You’re obviously looking for someone now but you should get out there, meet lots of people, and hold out until you meet someone who treats you well and whose company you enjoy,” Aimee explains.

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The Victorian precept that a lady "never explains or complains" is followed rigidly.

And thus adds the connotation that a Becky has a narrow, condescending world view, and we're graced with the idea of a "dumb Becky."A "little white tank top" on a "beauty from south Alabama" was all it took for Bentley to forget about his personal safety and her daddy's shotgun.