Songs about best friends dating ex boyfriends

10-Mar-2020 06:15

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After announcing her new album—with cover art—her first question was about her inspiration for the album.

There wasn’t a lot of guessing left after her answer.

A year later, you are lucky if you are not bored, fighting over the stupidest things and constantly feeling like you couldn’t care less if you got dumped, only to cry a river when he gives you the stupidest excuse for a breakup.

In an attempt to show all women how ridiculous men’s excuses are and how time has proven that all of them are easily forgotten, here are the six most ridiculous dumping excuses I’ve heard from Egyptian boys.

“I wrote a song called ‘Red’, thinking about what that means to me,” she says.

After a year of convincing ourselves we were different and misunderstood by the whole world, going into full emo mode, he suddenly turned cold. You don’t get me.” Yes, he turned all hipster on my a**.

(MORE: Taylor Swift Dethrones Lady Gaga as the Highest-Paid Celeb Under 30) When asked about what in her life hasn’t changed, she cited her family as staying the same and some of her routines not changing, including frequenting the same stores and hanging out with her friends like she always has.