Songs about dating a guy with a girlfriend

16-Jan-2021 14:45

Save yourself the expanded dictionary of verbal abuse.Think Blair Waldorf banishing Jenny Humphrey from Manhattan. Think about it: this guy has you on the side, next to his actual significant other — the girl he claims to love.

Because if you really loved the first, you never would’ve loved the second.”I’m calling complete bullsh*t on this one now, simply because if homeboy ever loved either one, he never would’ve loved the other.

So basically, he just loves himself and is incapable of loving anyone else.

Chances are, his girlfriend will forgive him or he'll end up leaving you both to go find someone new.

Not only does a taken heart not deserve a piece of yours, but a taken heart is taken for a reason.

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But, for all other cases, here are five reasons why you should never consider going after a guy who's in a relationship: Disclaimer: The message contains teenage angst.How does it feel to be the second best thing in someone’s life?