Sothic dating egypt

09-Sep-2020 03:22

He based this fixation entirely on a writing by Censorinus, who allegedly had written that a heliacal rising of Sirius did fall on the Egyptian New Year in that year.Projecting backward (and assuming that Censorinus was correct and that Meyer understood him correctly), Meyer calculated prior Sothic years as having occurred in 1320 BC, 2780 BC, and 4240 BC.

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Richard Lepsius, in 1858, Meyer calculated that Sirius would make a heliacal rising (that is, first be visible shortly before dawn during any given year) on the Egyptian New Year's Day every 1,460 years--that is to say, four times 365 years, at which time the calendar would realign with the seasons.

In addition, there are a number of "alternative chronologies" outside scholarly consensus, such as the "New Chronology" proposed in the 1990s, which lowers New Kingdom dates by as much as 350 years, or the "Glasgow Chronology" (proposed 1978–1982), which lowers New Kingdom dates by as much as 500 years.

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