Special needs parents dating

03-Feb-2021 22:21

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At my age, I’m 55, I have finished my parental part in life, I raised two wonderful human beings and I am free to go do the things I dream of.So falling in love with this man includes a new challenge.), you see them on romantic dates in restaurants, they are holding hands at amusement parks, they are strangers, they are your friends, your relatives, your work buddies.But you, a single parent to a special needs child, are somehow on the sidelines watching and wondering if you and your child will ever have a true and permanent love in your lives, too.As I was researching the mystery of love and relationships, of what drives couples apart, and what holds them together, etc., I found myself talking with relationship and family counselors, therapists, married couples with special needs children, divorced couples with special needs kids, a pastor, a rabbi, families I didn’t know but who I encountered at various events I attended, etc. Even though we are all so busy with work, with running our kids to various therapies, with maintaining a home, helping with school work, etc., both parties in a romantic relationship MUST find the time to BE in the relationship.I will share the highlights of what I learned from these experts about making a relationship work—whether you have typical or non-typical children—and maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself inspired to hop on your own path toward true and permanent love. And that includes time for the two of you AND time together with the children as well. You vowed in the beginning of a relationship to always be open and honest with one another. If something within the relationship or something about the other person or the child is an issue, you don’t just disappear or refrain from talking about it.

Not just a regular 8-year-old, but a special child as they are called here. His daughter is blind and most likely she will never live on her own.

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I knew this from day one, although it took a while for me to meet her.

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I would lie to you if I would say I’m excited with joy over the idea of raising a special need child.

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