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16-Oct-2020 17:15

With these resources and strategies in hand, your semester should be off to a great start.If you want to see me plan a GREAT lesson, don’t come find me on a Sunday afternoon when I’ve deliberately set aside a chunk of time for some hardcore planning.I’ll have one of those “eh” plans as a placeholder to alleviate the natural stress of truly not knowing what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks you’re going to do with over 100 children the next day.But then I’ll just sit back, relax, and play the waiting game. I stayed after school to get organized and start planning for next week, even though I didn’t absolutely love my plans for the next day.I was actually gathering my things to leave for the night when I glanced up at my hot mess of desks, which had been mysteriously rearranged over Fall Break.(I had been too lazy to put them back in their original formation, and this week had been a free-for-all, with the kids sitting wherever they wanted).You can also download the guide Not Quite 101 Ways to Learn Students’ Names from the University of Virginia’s CTE website.The use of mobile devices in the classroom, particularly smartphones, has become an issue faced by all faculty.

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Trying to capitalize on this still-abstract idea, I quickly rearranged all of my desks in pairs facing each other.Although I’ve never done speed dating, I imagine there are refreshments, because food makes everything, including awkward dates, better, right? ) If nothing else, the candy would be some good old-fashioned bribery.