Speed dating college campus

02-Nov-2020 10:12

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What other advice would you give to incoming college freshman to make this transition a little easier?

What questions do you want answered about your first year of college?

Whether seeking a companion or a soulmate, it is a chance to get to know a variety of interesting people in a series of five-minute chats.

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The Age-Friendly University (AFU) initiative is an international effort led by Dublin City University to highlight the role higher education can play in responding to the challenges and opportunities associated with an aging population.Going to a party alone isn’t very fun, or safe, so bring along a friend or two in case you need a designated driver or someone to save you from unwanted flirting.One thing that hasn’t changed now that you’re in college is the level of respect that you deserve.The Neurosculpting® practice is designed to help you prime your brain for optimal engagement.

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