Spreadsheet formulas not updating automatically

02-May-2020 18:37

Excel cannot automatically calculate a formula that refers to the cell — either directly or indirectly — that contains the formula. If a formula refers back to one of its own cells, you must determine how many times the formula should recalculate. However, you can control the maximum number of iterations and the amount of acceptable change.

Precision is a measure of the degree of accuracy for a calculation.

I use a simple spreadsheet that we've developed over the years to enter certain data into and answer yes or no questions.

Based on this information, formulas in other cells calculate costs and time.

Note: Solver and Goal Seek are part of a suite of commands sometimes called what-if analysis tools.

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I export data from Access to the sheets Tabs (using Transfer Spreadsheet in an Access Marco) and a summary page on the front tidies up the data, pretty much just using Paste Links and V Lookups.As calculation proceeds, you can choose commands or perform actions such as entering numbers or formulas.