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M., Aymard Gerardo A., Baraloto Christopher, Barbosa de Camargo Plínio, Barroso Jorcely, Bongers Frans, Boot René, Camargo Jose Luis C., Castro Wendeson, Chama Moscoso Victor, Comiskey James, Cornejo Valverde Fernando, Lola da Costa Antonio Carlos, del Aguila Pasquel Jhon, Di Fiore A., Fernanda Duque Luisa, Elias Fernando, Engel Julien, Flores Llampazo Gerardo, Galbraith David, Herrera Fernández Rafael, Honorio Coronado Eurídice N., Hubau Wannes, Jimenez‐Rojas Eliana, Lima Adriano José Nogueira, Umetsu Ricardo Keichi, Laurance William F., Lopez‐Gonzalez Gabriela, Lovejoy Thomas E., Aurelio Melo Cruz Omar, Morandi Paulo, Neill David, Nuñez Vargas Percy, Pallqui Camacho N. Albers Ariane Christine, Collet Pierre, Lorne Daphné, Benoist Anthony, Helias Arnaud. Coviability of social and ecological systems: reconnecting mankind to the biosphere in an era of global change. Malézieux Eric, Rapidel Bruno, Goebel François-Régis, Tixier Philippe. In : The agroecological transition of agricultural systems in the Global South. CIRAD, INRA, World Agroforestry, Agropolis International, MUSE Sustainable production of roots and tuber crops for food Security under climate change. Reyes-Garcia Victoria, García-del-Amo David, Benyei Petra, Fernández-Llamazares Alvaro, Gravani Konstantina, Junqueira André B., Labeyrie Vanesse, Li Xiaoyue, Matias Denise M.

Bourgoin Jeremy (ed.), Corniaux Christian (ed.), Touré Labaly (ed.), Cesaro Jean-Daniel (ed.) Coupling partial-equilibrium and dynamic biogenic carbon models to assess future transport scenarios in France. Barrière Olivier (ed.), Behnassi Mohamed (ed.), David Gilbert (ed.), Douzal Vincent (ed.), Fargette Mireille (ed.), Libourel Thérèse (ed.), Loireau Maud (ed.), Pascal Laurence (ed.), Prost Catherine (ed.), Morand Serge (ed.). Barrière Olivier (ed.), Behnassi Mohamed (ed.), David Gilbert (ed.), Douzal Vincent (ed.), Fargette Mireille (ed.), Libourel Thérèse (ed.), Loireau Maud (ed.), Pascal Laurence (ed.), Prost Catherine (ed.), Morand Serge (ed.). De Ollas Carlos, Morillon Raphaël, Fotopoulos Vasileios, Puértolas Jaime, Ollitrault Patrick, Gómez-Cadenas Aurelio, Arbona Vicent. From natural regulation processes to technical innovation, what agroecological solutions for the countries of the Global South? Dupraz Christian (ed.), Gosme Marie (ed.), Lawson Gerry (ed.). Parker Louis, Bourgoin Clément, Martinez-Valle Armando, Läderach Peter. A collaborative approach to bring insights from local observations of climate change impacts into global climate change research.

Giresse Pierre, Maley Jean, Doumenge Charles, Philippon Nathalie, Mahé Gil, Chepstow-Lusty Alex, Aleman Julie, Lokonda Michel O., Elenga H.. Pan‐tropical prediction of forest structure from the largest trees.

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Dupraz Christian (ed.), Gosme Marie (ed.), Lawson Gerry (ed.). Fayolle Stolian, Justes Eric, Metay Aurélie, Saj Stéphane. Shumilova Oleksandra, Zak Dominik, Datry Thibault, von Schiller Daniel, Corti Roland, Foulquier Arnaud, Obrador Biel, Tockner Klement, Altermatt Florian, Arce María Isabel, Arnon Shai, Banas Damien, Banegas-Medina Andy, Beller Erin, Blanchette Melanie L., Blanco-Libreros Juan F., Blessing Joanna J., Gonçalves Boëchat Iola, Boersma Kate S., Bogan Michael T., Bonada Núria, Bond Nick R., Brintrup Barría Kate C., Bruder Andreas, Burrows Ryan M., Cancellario Tommaso, Carlson Stephanie M., Cauvy-Fraunié Sophie, Cid Núria, Danger Michael, de Freitas Terra Bianca, De Girolamo Anna Maria, del Campo Ruben, Dyer Fiona, Elosegi Arturo, Faye Emile, et al.. Sustainable coffee agroforestry in adverse climatic conditions in Nicaragua. P., Guyard H., Koné A., Mainassara I., Mamane A., Oi M., Ouani T., Soumaguel N., Wubda M., Ago E. C., Allies A., Arpin-Pont F., Awessou B., Cassé C., Charvet G., Dardel C., Depeyre A., Diallo F. C., Perrimond B., Pierre Caroline, Richard A., Robert E., Román-Cascón Carlos, Velluet C., Wilcox C.. Adaptation strategies to climate change using cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) ideotypes in rainfed tropical cropping systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Gérardeaux Edward, Loison Romain, Oumarou Palai, Sultan B.. Adapting clonally propagated crops to climatic changes: A global approach for taro (Colocasia esculenta(L.) Schott). Chalmin Philippe (ed.), Jégourel Yves (ed.) Breeding implications of drought stress under future climate for upland rice in Brazil. Carbon footprint of cropping systems with grain legumes and cover crops: A case-study in SW France. Abdulai Issaka, Jassogne Laurence, Graefe Sophie, Asare Richard, Van Asten Piet J. Barange Manuel (ed.), Bahri Tarûb (ed.), Beveridge Malcolm C. Soto Doris, Ross Lindsay G., Handisyde Neil, Bueno Pedro B., Beveridge Malcolm C. Brunelle Thierry, Dumas Patrice, Cassen Christophe, Manceron Stéphane, Marajo-Petitzon Elodie, Lamblin Véronique. In : Land use and food security in 2050: a narrow road. Sissoko Salifou, Tekete Mohamed, Kouressy Mamoutou, Thera Korotimi, Dembélé Yacouba, Doumbia Mohamed, Sissoko Aliou, Sanogo Sekouba, Diarra Youssouf, Samaké Moussa, Rami Jean-François, Diallo Abdoulaye G., Vaksmann Michel, Niangado Oumar, Teme Niaba. Conservation agriculture to buffer and alleviate the impact of climatic variations in Madagascar: Farmers' perception. ISBN 978-2-87614-743-0 Eucalyptus 2018, Montpellier, France, 17 Septembre 2018/21 Septembre 2018. Innovation systems to adapt to climate change: Lessons from the Kenyan coffee and dairy sectors. Leal Filho Walter (ed.) Interactions élevage-agriculture : de la digestion entérique au métabolisme de l'exploitation. Ndour Abdoulaye, Clouvel Pascal, Gozé Eric, Martin Pierre, Leroux Louise, Dieng Abdoulaye, Loison Romain. Gram Gil, Vaast Philippe, van der Wolf Just, Jassogne Laurence. Mathematical modelling of the dynamics of the socio-economic vulnerability of rural Sahelian households in a context of climatic variability. Fachgemeinschaft Hydrologische Wissenschaften Circulation dynamics and its influence on European and Mediterranean January-April climate over the past half millennium: results and insights from instrumental data, documentary evidence and coupled climate models. Ergebnisse, Probleme und Perspektiven periglazialmorphologischer Untersuchungen im Langzeitprojekt "Glorer Hütte" in der südlichen Glockner-/Nördlichen Schobergruppe (Südliche Hohe Tauern, Osttirol). Bern: Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), University of Bern, with Bern Open Publishing In: Childhoods in Motion: Children, Youth, Migration, and Education Conference.

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