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Gender and sexuality demanded a proper fit: girls and boys should be turning into real men and real women and not sissies and tomboys.Abnormality extracted a 'terrible price': 'ostracism, incarceration or psychiatrization.' (p.The Swedish "homosexuality" situation with respect to offspring being GLB is also remarkably similar to what has been reported in North America:"So, even in Sweden, the first thought which strikes a homosexual is: What will my parents say. I cannot think of any parents who will say: 'Oh, isn't that lovely!I wished all my life that you would be a homosexual'!You might think it is easier being a homosexual in today's world than in my time. What we really lack in society today are good role models who can show you how you can lead a good life as a homosexual'.""In Sweden, homosexual acts were for-bidden by law during the period 1864- 1944.Although this legislation by definition included women, only 10 women were prosecuted, while during the same period the law brought more than two thousand men to trial" (Rydstrm, 1999: 3).

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For instance, a homosexual cannot adopt a child, but a single parent can.

52): 'the fear of being labelled delinquent was an effective form of self-regulation, a threat to those who might transgress sexual or moral standards.' (p.

82) Hence a barrage of sexual advice aimed at teens valorized heterosexuality and demonized homosexuality.

2) Adams embarks on a forceful empirical validation of her theoretical position.

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Following Elaine May's work on the US, Adams sees marriage and the family in the 1950s as the 'only legitimate site for sex' (p. In an important insight, she notes that in post-war Canada, youth 'came to symbolize what was 'good' and what was 'bad' about the modern world.' (p.

This campaign was pursued in both the conservative and the left-oriented press.

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