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DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, JOI, TASKS, TEASE & DENIAL, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT FETISH, BODY ADORATION, CHASTITY, IGNORE SHOWS, DRESSING UP SHOWS, X-DRESSING, FEMINISATION, SISSIFICATION.ROLEPLAY, TOYS (on you not me), OUTFIT REQUESTS, MOUTH FETISH, SUCKING, LICKING, LIPSTICK/LIPGLOSS APPLICATION REMOVAL an endless list of all sorts of possibilities. Let me know about your scenario and any specifics you want mentioned. Just want to chat, nothing sexual but maybe you need to talk, have some guilt free, honest, open minded chat.Last but certainly not least, she offers her voice for hire to adult animators, game developers, and authors.Candy is a full-time professional voice actress who loves to use her vocal talents to bring your creations to life for your listeners, viewers and players.But she is one busy little lady, and her availability for phone sex sessions is becoming quite limited by her ever-increasing popularity as a voice actress.

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MISTRESS IRISH TABOO I AM your fantasy specialist ~ sexy teasing NORTHERN IRISH GODDESS, English speaking with GENUINE NORTHERN IRISH accent ~ Any kink catered for ~ I'm a Temptress of Filth and I love to hear your fantasies, everyone has desires & fantasies that need fulfilling ~ ON WEBCAM– Just you and me, sound and cam!Oh, and she knows some of you are extreme perverts!So all the girls available on her 800# are also into the deviant and taboo kinks you love!This is the home of Candy, a deviant little sweetheart who loves to push your buttons in every way imaginable.

She’s spent the last few years perfecting her craft, making hundreds of explicit audio recorded fantasies, ranging from erotic and sensual to shamelessly taboo and perverted.However, in her innocence and naivety in her late teens she had been swept off her feet by the local Romeo, and married him despite the warnings of her parents. After two years he had taken all of June's earnings, salted away all of June's savings, and disappeared with the girl who worked on the till at the local shop when June was 8 months pregnant. When they were together Briony and June were happy, with 80% of the conversation being about cooking.

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I know Who I really am, enjoy my royal status, have all my powers – I move mountains and conjure things up out of nowhere effortlessly - yet I keep all this hidden from others. ) So although I appear outwardly as an ordinary citizen, inwardly I am the One, which of course means I am capacity for everyone around me, even though they do not see it. But what if the person in front of you is someone you don’t like, or wants to attack you? This Oneness is never threatened by anything happening on the surface. But as a self-conscious adult I am also aware of the boundary between my body and theirs, aware of the distinction between my life and theirs. So I don’t have to agree with what others do or say, just because I am them deep down, and I can take action to defend myself or those around me if need be.… continue reading »

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