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Sora contempated sucide until someone comes to her sora find love again? I usually like to post an completed story all at once- but I have not finished typing this story and classes are getting a little messy right now- evil school. For the love of all that is sacred never NEVER take Spanish as a second language- it sucks- sorry to those of you who are español speakers- but Kate hablo ingles! She cried on his shoulder, he just patted her back. Apreciaría dar gracias los que leen y revisan mis cuentos. Y ahora se sienta espalda y goza la última cosa del Kate ha la mente torcida. Sora wanted to shrug off his bad mood and label it stress, but she knew that their relationship wouldn't be the same. She tried to take comfort from Mimi's voice, but talking over the phone was just not helping calm down the already distressed Sora.

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I tried to let Sora down easy.” Kari: “Well, she certainly didn’t take it that way.” Tai: “You think I don’t know that? She won’t listen to me.” Kari: “Ugh, why dose everything here have to be done by a girl?

” Tai: “Yeah, man that girl’s got an arm.” At the park, Kari was attempting to shoot the basket ball, instead she eneded up hitting Yolie in the head. Yolie: “It’s fine, it was an accident.” She forced a smile, and then they heard someone crying. ” TK and Kari found Sora crying on a bench outside of the park. Tai: “Look Sora, about what happened back in Japan, I just think we’re only meant to be friends and that’s all. It’s just, you and Mimi, I just wish you would’ve told me.” Tai: “I was trying to, but you never gave me chance.” Sora: “I know and I’m sorry, Friends?