Teacher dating students father conflicts in dating

29-Dec-2020 10:04

Many emails, text messages and instant messages go back and forth among students and teachers every day.The vast majority of these communications are appropriate and curriculum based.The third type of negative teacher-student relationship, in contrast, exists in situations where students are convinced, rightly or wrongly, that teachers do not care about them and have no interest in whether they pass or fail their examinations.Such students will not trust their teachers and may disengage from the subjects taught by these teachers or seek extra help elsewhere. Students respond much better when teachers show care and concern for them on a daily basis and treat them like real persons, within the accepted professional boundaries.They may even adopt some forms of student behaviour.This approach to teacher-student relationships does not work.The penalties for these breaches of trust should be attached.

Speaking about teacher-student use of social media, Charol Shakeshaft commented: “She is the chairwoman of the Department of Leadership of Virginia Commonwealth University and she has done research on sexual misconduct by teachers.

However, a seemingly small but growing minority of teachers of both sexes have shaken the foundations of the teaching profession by engaging in negative or improper relationships with students.