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10-Nov-2020 22:36

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Four Simple Steps to Bot Yourself Create a Bluemix account Create a conversation instance Step 1: Define Intents Intents are the objectives of every bot.If a chatbot helps users handle expenses, the intents would be things like “view x (amount due)”, “pay y (bill)”, and “cancel z (account)”.So, for “where did you go to college” you could have a response that says “I went to x, where I studied y, before I graduating in z”.This way you can nail “where” “what” and “when” in a single response.

Under the “where” intent you would add phrases like “where did you go to college” and “where do you live.” Not only would you want to add as many “where did you [insert noun and/or action here]” as you can, but you would want to add the different ways each of these questions could be phrased. Step 2: Define Entities When we were building Adam the Chatbot, understanding the difference between intents and entities was our biggest challenge.That way someone can ask “what was your major” and “what did you study” and get the same correct answer.Another tip here is to add descriptive words before certain entity values that could have more than one meaning.Step 4: Training and Improving Now it’s time to deploy your bot to some friends and family to see how it does.

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I can’t stress enough how important it is to deploy your bot ASAP so you can see how your bot handles questions.In other words, the intents would answer “where did you x”, “what is your y” and “when did you z”.

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