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24-Sep-2020 15:10

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This power and authority could be coming from a close person in your life.

This person is someone you highly respect and secretly fear from, but you also feel that her strength and power is overbearing.

This temptation could be linked to finances and you might get in temptation to try “shady business” tactics to earn more money.

Remember that this is definitely risky and that you could lose much more than you are going to earn.

Dream you had about police must be interpreted with all of the other elements of the dream and you need to think thoroughly about the dream in general.

Most common explanation of a dream about police is that this dream is a representation of power and authority that is present in your life, in one way or another.

To dream about police can be interpreted in many different ways.

You play as a human who has been hired to conduct research on the mysterious Cat Island, alongside the eccentric Professor Pawpur.

After playing through some story establishment, the demo skips to a date with one of the aforementioned felines.