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13-Nov-2020 11:46

Everyone was talking in the same window and if you wanted to have a private conversation you could invite the person of your interest to chat in a private window. Basically that still happens on a massive scale today.

At some point in time, phone sex was something that started making its way.

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Often it is without voice and the personal touch just isn’t there.

This is why phonesex is still very popular all over the world and massively gaining in popularity in India today.

Not exactly knowing who you’re having a sex chat with is truly something special, but there are always people who prefer to see who they are talking to.

In the early days of the internet people mostly used it for simple forms of communication like sending emails etc.

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Options to communicate were very limited at that time so the possibilities for erotic chatting were subjected to those same limitations.

Best of luck to you on your journey to find the best form of sex chat with strangers that matches your needs.