Third base in dating terms

29-Feb-2020 18:05

Walk - When the pitcher throws four balls to a batter, the batter gets to go to first base automatically.

There’s actually an interesting story behind baseball terminology being used to describe sexual bases. It was coined in America to use baseball metaphors in order to describe the levels of intimacy relationships go through. Billy Joel, Meatloaf—maybe they’re too old for you, but these are classic artists from the seventies and eighties. Baseball metaphors have been around for a long time.

Lead Runner - The first base runner when more than one runner is on base. Pitch out - A pitch that cannot be hit by the batter.

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Fly ball - A baseball that is hit high into the air.

Foul ball -A baseball that is hit outside the field of fair play.Full count - When the pitch count has 3 balls and 2 strikes. If the batter hits the baseball foul, then the count remains 3 and 2.