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I bought a .54 hawken in '87 and it has HAWKEN stamped on the barrel.

TC put model names on barrels at least in the early 1980s, probably back into the 1970s.

I've been trying to gather Date material for TC's but not being able to get in touch with TCA has slowed me down greatly ... I bought a .36 seneca barrel last week, it doesn't have "seneca" stamped on it, instead it has a cross stamped on the bottom of the barrel.

It also has the smoothest bore i've ever seen in a T/C barrel.

(which TC "rated" the gun at) That is the only ML I have with a recoil bad on its stock like a modern Hi Power rifle.

The stock steel butt plate was brutal with heavy loads.

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:kidding: [When did T/C start stamping model names on muzzleloader barrels.] Early 1990's, AFAIK [ Also I've read that at one time a company in montana was making barrels and stocks for T/C.] IIRC, Douglas & Sharon both made barrels for T/C, when T/C started making Hawken rifles ca. Early to mid 90's would be my guess but I don't recall off hand.

It want down and not so much as a pop the rod came out ... Hornet, I'm hoping to get the round balls shooting good this weekend. On my rifle the first click is half cock, after the second click the hammer can be lowered to the fired position, and the third click is full cock.

This is the only rifle I have ever seen that does this.

A 54 1/48 will stabilize a maxiball style 530 grain pill (they make a 430 and 530 grain one) but when you set it off with 120 grains a FF it REALLY gets your attention. Never used a 530 on game but I have no doubt it would be extremely effective on very larger game.

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Even the 430's are real attention getters when you drop the hammer with a 120 grain load.

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