Timer not invalidating whos angelina jolie dating now

27-May-2020 22:24

Similarly, in the second problem wherein the user clicks the sign out button.In this case i am invoking the Controller Servlet which in turn is invoking a particular servlet which peforms the task of invalidating the current session. Following which the user is forwaded to a "Thank You Page".However, when the user now clicks on the back button he is still able to view the complete site.

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I don't know why the container isn't invalidating the session, but this would force a new request from the client, and may solve the problem (in a way that shouldn't be container specific).

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Since HTTP is stateless protocol, there is no way that the container knows about the browser unless there is a request coming from the browser.

For the second problem, you have to include some session checking page in your JSPs.

Now, when the back button is pressed and any of the site links are clicked the user gets to have a look at all the site information as though he has'nt yet logged out. In other words, if the system is idle for some time then, an automatic redirection should take place.

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