Tisdale and zac efron dating who is justin gaston dating now

03-Sep-2020 15:02

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But, let’s be honest with ourselves, didn’t we sort of want some good ol’ fashion Disney Star drama to kick off the month of July with?Guess all is well with Ashley and her boyfriend-that-is-not-Zac Efron.The answer (one I know you’re all dying to hear) is NO.About one hour ago (please don’t make assumptions that we creepily stalk Twitter accounts), Tisdale took to her Twitter and said: Don’t believe all pictures.

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After Ashley Tisdale was caught frolicking on the beach with Zac Efron, rumors of a new relationship began soaring through Hollywood. Has she broken that mysterious Girl Code by dating her best friend’s (Vanessa Hudgens’s) ex-boyfriend?

In the audition room, Zac and all of the other boys were asked to dance, sing, and run through lines.

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