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04-Nov-2020 14:03

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Yet, the hero—Ramza—in Final Fantasy Tactics is about as normal as a JRPG hero can be.

He has no airship, gigantic sword, or mysterious backstory.

The feeling of the pounding bass mixed with more orchestral fair creates an atmosphere of sizeable dread.

It is one of the most meorable villian themes in the entire Final Fantasytitle sees the player cast into the shoes of a soon-to-be hero.

It showcases the push-and-pull in Zidane’s character between serious realities and childlike denials of said realities and consequences. Final Fantasy XII: “Theme of the Empire” The “Theme of the Empire” from Final Fantasy XII contains similar motifs and reverberates much in the same way that the “Imperial March” theme from Star Wars 16.

Final Fantasy VIII : “Don’t be Afraid” Combat music in JRPGs is usually burned into one’s mind after they finish a videogame because, well, random encounters are everywhere, and thankfully in Final Fantasy VIII the random encounter music absolutely hits.

titles, feature a lot of travel and trekking over large world maps.

The sense of adventure in Final Fantasy VI is the most palpable out of the entire series, and the “Searching for Friends” theme helps build this feeling.

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Hell, I’d just hang out in shops to hear this theme on loop.

In many ways, “Prelude” from Final Fantasy is the track that started it all.