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These explosives were created through Tyler's theft of left-over fat from liposuction clinics, which were used to craft the bombs' ingredients.Tyler plans to die alongside the Narrator as a martyr during the event.Attempting to stop Tyler's actions, the Narrator ascends to the roof of the building, where Tyler holds him at gunpoint.When Marla arrives on the roof with one of the support groups, Tyler vanishes, as Tyler "was his hallucination, not hers." With Tyler gone, the Narrator waits for the explosives to kill him.

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The clothing is based on a 1999 character from the movie You may also want to take an hour or two here and there to peruse your local thrift and second-hand stores.This style isn't for the faint of heart because even if people recognize it as Tyler Durden's style, you'll still be cultivating quite a few stares.In Fight Club, Brad Pitt's character was a soap salesman named Tyler Durden and his style had an edgy, vintage feel. Men everywhere want to look like Tyler Durden in his second-hand, hipster attire.The Narrator learns that he and Tyler are, in fact, the same person, as his mind formed a new role-model-like personality that was able to escape from the issues that plagued his life.

With the help of Project Mayhem, Tyler plans to destroy a skyscraper and a national museum using homemade explosives.

In the comic book sequel Fight Club 2, it is revealed that the Narrator's real name is Sebastian.

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