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22-Jul-2020 20:00

I kept justifying it as, ‘I’m working -- making contacts and connections,’ but the longer I’ve been sober, the more I notice other people saying that and acting like it’s work, like I did for years.” Hilton’s turning point came during a trip to New York to audition for a movie in 2014.

Landing the night before, friends immediately hit him up to grab drinks.

You’re really laying the bricks for forever and I didn’t know how I was going to react to that -- and I love it!

”We do it different, we do it our way, we always have.

“So, I was hungover, flying home from that audition -- which I didn’t end up getting -- and thought, ‘Dude, you can be like Van Wilder forever or you can get your sh** together and start being serious about the art you want to make and all these ideas you have.’”“I came home and told Megan and my best friend and I was in tears because I was bummed about giving up something I love,” he continues. He’s a big actor or musician and he doesn’t tell anybody, but he’s going through the same thing,’” Hilton says.

“I found these little areas of support and people I could call to ask, ‘What do you do in this situation? And I’ve now done the same thing -- I was just hanging out with this guy on the road and he was like, ‘This sounds really crazy, but I think I need to stop drinking … ’ My heart was so full because I get to help somebody else with this now.”Although giving back has been rewarding, it’s the drastic changes in Hilton’s own life, which continue to astound him.

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For more info please contact Tyler’s NYC celebrity PR agency. Tons of my friends are musicians, so every night there was a show in town -- essentially, I was never off the road.”“And, Megan’s not a big drinker, so we weren’t the partying couple,” Hilton adds about how his drinking impacted his relationship with actress and director Megan Park, whom he married three years ago.