Updating a cv

31-Oct-2020 05:44

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Creating an academic CV is a vital part of working in higher education.Your CV can also be an important tool when applying for funding, publication, professional development, and other opportunities outside the university.Once you find a trusted colleague or friend to look over your CV, make sure to ask them the following: After glancing over it quickly (give them a minute or so), did you easily find my education/teaching/research/other relevant experience? You will need to regularly go back to your CV and update it to reflect any new accomplishments or experience.How often you update your CV will depend on the kind of position you have, so keep that in mind.

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If you aren’t sure how to create a specific CV for your situation, I always advise asking the head of your department or a more experienced colleague for advice.Choose bold over italics whenever possible – it is easier to read while scanning. I know this is widely debated, but if you write a solid CV we should recognize it as such.List your accomplishments in reverse chronological order, so potential employers can focus on your most recent work, rather than something you did 10 years ago.If you are applying for a research position, start your CV by listing research interests and experience.

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However, if you apply for a teaching position, move your teaching and presentation experience to the top.

Focusing on the unique and amazing things you did while taking on research, teaching, or professional roles will help you stand out!