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21-Feb-2020 02:34

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Tableau products without a USB 3.0 connection must update over Fire Wire (1394).Please ensure you install the proper controller or adapter in your system.

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These updates make it possible to introduce new product features, improve device compatibility and performance, and even fix newly discovered bugs after the initial launch of the product.Lande, who helped sue Microsoft over its earlier bundling of Windows with the Microsoft Disk Operating System on behalf of the developers of the competing DR-DOS, said he believes the DOJ can show that the company that produces more than 90 percent of the PC OSes sold can exert far-ranging control over the market for personal computer software.Once DOJ attorneys do that - a slam dunk, in Lande's opinion - they need only show the company has used that power to maintain market share, dictate prices or otherwise compete under conditions that favor Microsoft.'We're not going to speculate on what the Department of Justice or states might do,' spokesman Jim Cullinan said.

DOJ officials weren't saying how they'll move next, but they're almost certain to include Microsoft's practice of bundling ever more features into its OSes in any future suit against the company.

The narrowly defined complaint said Microsoft had stepped over the line when it bundled its Internet Explorer (IE) browser with the Windows operating system (OS).

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