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For catalogs that use Citrix Provisioning (formerly Provisioning Services), you must publish a new v Disk to apply changes to the catalog.For details, see the Citrix Provisioning documentation.Perform this task if users encounter problems with updates you deployed to their desktops, minimizing user downtime.Do not delete, move, or rename master images; otherwise, you cannot revert a catalog to use them.var microsoft = microsoft

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Roll back, or revert, machines in a catalog to use the previous version of the master image.When you delete an Azure Resource Manager machine catalog, the associated machines and resource groups are deleted from Azure, even if you indicate that they should be retained.If your deployment has more than one zone, you can move a catalog from one zone to another.Before you update the Machine Catalog, either update an existing master image or create a one on your host hypervisor.

If you are updating a catalog using the Power Shell SDK directly, rather than Studio, you can specify a hypervisor template (VMTemplates), as an alternative to an image or a snapshot of an image.

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