Updating core data data model

24-Jun-2020 11:52

Upgrading from Core Store 5.x (min i OS 9) to 6.x (min i OS 10)?Check out the new features and make sure to read the Change logs.If you are already familiar with the inner workings of Core Data, here is a mapping of s this way: Nesting saves from child context to the root context ensures maximum data integrity between contexts without blocking the main queue.But in reality, merging contexts is still by far faster than saving contexts.In fact Core Store will only attempt a synchronous lightweight migration if you explicitly provide the This closure is executed on the main thread so UIKit and App Kit calls can be done safely.By default, Core Store uses Core Data's default automatic migration mechanism.

Both classes' properties are accessed through key-value-coding.But the API is intuitive and concise, and once you understand the Core Data stack, it starts to make sense, and you can quickly adapt to it.