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11-Nov-2020 01:41

We also pass in an object that has properties for each of the stored procedures arguments, in this case .

That’s all there is to using stored procedures with Dapper.

In the database we have a Even though they are named the same the property accessor to get the encrypted password value is not the same as if it were a string or int data type.

We can perform such a mapping by simply overriding the virtual As we've discussed, if our entity matches the database table structure like-for-like then everything just works. What if a single domain entity is made up of data across three database tables?

Following up our Whenever we want to take control we can use the full range of methods from the Dapper documentation to meet our requirements.

If we need to add any very custom code that goes beyond what Dapper offers we can just code this manually if we choose to.

As much as I dislike using stored procedures in my applications, I often do have to call stored procedures to fetch data from legacy databases.

When that situation comes up, Dapper is my tool of choice.

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So why go to all this trouble to get the same thing?

I wrote these utilities to accompany this blog series as a learning exercise so they are not production ready or performance tested (yet!