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18-Dec-2020 13:34

In addition, the court appointed guardian must obtain a specific court order authorizing them to change the beneficiary designation.

Puppet passes data to templates via special objects and variables, which you can use in the tagged Ruby code to control the templates’ output. An ERB template has its own local scope, and its parent scope is set to the class or defined type that evaluates the template.

Puppet’s data types are converted to Ruby classes as follows: .

To manipulate and print data in ERB templates, you’ll need to know a small amount of Ruby.

ERB has two tags for Ruby code, a tag for comments, and a way to escape tag delimiters. Non-printing tags that contain iterative or conditional expressions can affect the untagged text they surround. This means a template can use short names for variables from that class or type, but it can’t insert new variables into it.

For example, to insert text only if a certain variable was set, you could do something like: Non-printing code doesn’t have to resolve to a value or be a complete statement, but the tag must close at a place where it would be legal to write another statement. There are two ways to access variables in an ERB template: .Also, include a copy of the guardianship documents and the specific court order with the form.

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