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13-Apr-2020 00:12

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My other alternative to the AR41S would be Clevo's D901C but it suffers from the same problem regarding VT... I consider to buy the new Vaio AR41S, but without Vanderpool some important feature is missing. I have read you do not have that kind of hassle with Pacifica.I knew the MSR register I was interested in was 0x3A so I could work out the opcode of the instruction "WRMSR 0x3A" and then search for it within all the BIOS code I had.For this you need the manufacturers CPU manuals that detail the opcodes to hand.

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Using disassemblers to reduce binary programs to assembly-code listings (the stuff fed into an assembler) is a good step especially if the disassembler is intelligent and can 'spot' calls to common library functions. First you need a tool to extract the code from the usually compressed BIOS image files as stored in the ROM.Thanks in advance I guess most of the knowledge on how to do this is something I've acquired from years of programming, hacking, and system-building.

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