Updating firmware iphone

17-Feb-2020 21:40

updating firmware iphone-74

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It's left the phone just displaying 'connect to i Tunes' icons on the display and when connecting to the Mac the only option is to 'Restore i Phone'.

No other info available about the phone in i Tunes, not even serial number.

The hosts file is fine, the router is fine, there's no security or antivirus software getting in the way, I've even tried port forwarding for all of Apple's services and it makes no difference.

Just to make sure it wasn't an OSX related issue I've tried on a Win PC and the same error pops up, so it's all pointing to a problem with the phone itself.

There is nothing preventing communication with the Apple update server and indeed the software update has successfully downloaded, because the issue only arises during the firmware update stage after the actual i OS update has been completed and the install verified successfully by the update server.

Is there any way, say through Terminal, to find the device and reformat it so that I can perform a complete reinstall through i Tunes again.It's at this point that the installer fails through i Tunes.