Updating firmware on cd burner

09-Apr-2020 03:36

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You may also want to try updating the firmware for the burner. If none of the steps above have solved the issue, uninstall and reinstall Real Player.

To disable resident software, restart the computer in Safe Mode (Windows 2000/XP) and retry the update.Firmware updates dont fix the following problems: Because each rewriteable CD or DVD drive has special characteristics, CD or DVD writing programs you buy at retail must have model-specific updates to work.Get them from the software vendor (see the list of major vendors at the end of this article), or use the software provided with the drive.With the widespread popularity of rewriteable CD and DVD drives, firmware upgrades for these drives are also becoming an important tool for improving their performance and stability.

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Firmware updates for your optical drive can important for a variety of reasons.Restart the system normally after the update is complete.