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Brian Harry’s post highlights some key capabilities like Agile Project Management, Continuous Delivery, Git improvements, and Extensibility. [UPDATED 7/29] Windows 10, Tools for Windows 10, and Windows 10 support in Apache Cordova Platform are all available today.Check out Soma’s post to learn about building app for Windows 10 with VS 2015 and also Polita’s post on targeting Windows 10 with your Apache Cordova app.The suggestions take into account the syntax rules that apply to the statement in the selected COBOL dialect and the identifiers in scope.To complete a statement: , the first completion list that appears includes any copybooks.Installing the SDK is now super easy: just select Visual Studio Extensibility Tools from the Visual Studio setup. Events from your app now appear in a single Intelli Trace Events track instead of being split between the Intelli Trace Events and Output Events tracks, and events from your app now appear while your program is running so you no longer need to press “Break All” to see events.

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After the copybook is inserted, the completion list that appears gives you the option of terminating the statement with a period (.) or continuing it with one of the clauses IN, OF, REPLACING or SUPPRESS.

See The following describes the writing assistance that Intelli Sense provides in native COBOL.