Updating known hosts Six live cam in saudi

11-Mar-2021 02:13

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However, the dashboard version number isn't updated when the only changes are fixes or updates to hostfiles.

By default, you cannot see these hidden folders since they are system folders.Note that this method for editing the Hosts file will not work.You will get a message saying you do not have permission to save in this location.One of the nice things about Pi-Star is that it's updated on a regular basis to add new features, options, and fixes, as well as to add hostfile updates that have been pulled from upstream sources.

There are three ways to update Pi-Star: one automated and two manual: – When an update makes changes to the Pi-Star dashboard app, the date-based dashboard version number (for example, 20180806) will be updated.

Note that you can use the HOSTS file to redirect a user from one site to another site too.

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