Updating php in plesk

20-Jan-2021 11:22

3) Click on Update Components 4) Select the components that you would like to update and click Continue to apply the updates to the chosen components.2) Click on Update and Upgrade Settings in the menu below Plesk.Protect yourself and your customers from junk mail with modern email validation tools.

To help you keep your customers safe, Plesk Onyx joins the fight with DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and SRS support.

Automatic securing of websites with free SSL/TLS certificates improves the security aspect even further, making the lives of existing users much easier.

As more and more Plesk features are being delivered as extensions to ensure that business-critical functionality reaches everyone in a timely manner, the Plesk Extension Catalog was improved to provide you with a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The tool provides extra flexibility if you don't want to update certain packages.

It is possible to prevent packages from being updated by locking them via two clicks in UI.1) Navigate to the Tools & Settings tab located in the menu on the left side of the page.