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12-Aug-2020 06:54

Its System Requirements on the low end are identical to its predecessor Sierra although some new features may require newer hardware. Also, unlike Sierra, your Mac must be running a mimimum of Mountain Lion.

Do not depend on older news of compatibility than the official release date, as that may pertain to prerelease beta software compatibility, which may differ from the release version.

This Frequently Answered Question (FAQ) page is divided into these sections As of the writing of this FAQ (Frequently answered question page), I've updated every Mac OS X version on an Intel Mac through 10.4.11 to 10.11 using the method of this FAQ.

As a result an update may appear on the surface to be bad, but in reality a contributing factor is causing your problem.

Holding ‘Shift‘ down when clicking on any app makes it start up “fresh” (i.e. If the app crash still persist you may need to do the following workaround: Advanced fix for resolving Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite app crashes Caution: First of all make a full backup of your Mac. Apps are sandboxed applications in OS X, meaning its resources are isolated from other processes for security and stability reasons.