Updating windows 95 to 98

18-Nov-2020 14:48

updating windows 95 to 98-55

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Moreover, Windows 98 was the second 9x series operating system and most importantly an independent one which worked way better than the traditional GUI or Graphic User Interface active on MS-DOS. Now when every detail and procedure for getting hold of Windows 98 OS is out of the way, it’s time to revisit the basics and ascertain whether the readers are missing out on certain important sections.

When it comes to enlisting the feature sets associated with this OS, we have quite a few to look at.Moreover, we have also enlisted some downloadable links associated with this OS and its ISO version.At first, we need to ascertain the software name and how users shall relate to the original version while downloading the same. ISO Image Files Here comes a standalone but complete setup of the original Windows 98 operating system with Microsoft being the developer.This rendition offers the complete list of setup files and allows one author to validate the installation.

While it looks slightly inappropriate in 2018 to enlist the system requirements pertaining to such a vintage operating system, it is always good to initiate things from the scratch.

What state would the OS be in after so many upgrades?