Updating xml file using java

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The parser reads the whole XML structure into the memory. SAX parsers are event-based; they are faster and require less memory.

On the other hand, DOM is easier to use and there are tasks, such as sorting elements, rearranging elements or looking up elements, that are faster with DOM.

SAXException; public class Java Xml Dom Read Elements $ mvn -q exec:java 1 continents 2 europe 3 slovakia 4 capital 5 population 6 hungary 7 capital 8 population 9 poland 10 capital 11 population 12 asia 13 china 14 capital 15 population 16 vietnam 17 capital 18 population package com.zetcode; import

SAXException; public class Java Xml Dom Read Text package com.zetcode; import

Java DOM parser traverses the XML file and creates the corresponding DOM objects.

These DOM objects are linked together in a tree structure.

This time again the difference is whether you want the new nodes to be available right away or not.

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Element nodes and text nodes are the two most common types of nodes. Many HTML documents have more markup tags than the contents.Worse still, many of the markup tags are dealing with the appearance of the document (e.g., XML declaration XML comment Root element start-tag (one and only one root) Child element start-tag (with an attribute in name="value" pair) (proper nesting of child elements) Child element end-tag Second child element start-tag Second child element end-tag Third child element start-tag Third child element end-tag Root element end-tag pairs.A well-formed XML document exhibits a tree-like structure, and can be processed by an XML processor.

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For example, the tree structure of the "bookstore.xml" is as follows: An XML document comprises of the following basic units: to XML parser or an application program that uses the XML document.

Node; public class Java Xml Dom Write root.append Child(create User(doc, "1", "Robert", "Brown", "programmer")); root.append Child(create User(doc, "2", "Pamela", "Kyle", "writer")); root.append Child(create User(doc, "3", "Peter", "Smith", "teacher")); .