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A class-action lawsuit has challenged the government's failure to provide asylum seekers adequate notice of the one-year deadline and a uniform procedure for filing timely applications.Asylum seekers in the affirmative and defensive processes face many obstacles to meeting the one-year deadline.Session laws compile the slip laws enacted in a session of Congress.Codes are subject compilations of statutes in effect, as amended.Federal statutes are published in three formats: (1) initially as individual slip laws, (2) in compilations of slip laws known as session laws, and (3) as codified law incorporated into a code.Slip laws are individually paginated pamphlets, each containing a single statute.Asylees may also be eligible certain benefits, such as Medicaid or Refugee Medical Assistance.

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Even those who are aware of the deadline encounter systemic barriers, such as lengthy backlogs, that can make it impossible to file their application in a timely manner.

Newly enacted laws, whether public (affecting society as a whole) or private (affecting an individual or small group), are first published as slip laws. Each month current laws are published in USCCAN’s advance sheets and reissued as bound volumes after the end of each session of Congress.

Public laws are then reprinted by public law number in the (USCCAN) (Call No. Advance sheets and bound volumes contain cumulative subject indexes for the session and tables for locating laws by popular name and by affected , both also have indices and supplemental tables. 108-45 is the 45th law passed during the 108th Congress. Back to Top In addition to print sources available in the Law Library Reading Room, you can find federal statutes in subscription databases and on the Web.

However, the individual’s own testimony is usually critical to his or her asylum determination. With limited exceptions, individuals who fail to apply for asylum within one year of entering the United States will be barred from receiving asylum.

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Similarly, applicants who are found to pose a danger to the United States are barred from asylum.

Those granted asylum have the opportunity to apply to live in the United States permanently, receive certain benefits, and be reunited with their family members.

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