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Mueller's standard products are marketed primarily through its own sales organization, which maintains sales offices throughout the United States and in Canada.

Additionally, these products are sold and marketed through a network of agents, which, when combined with the Company's sales organization, provide the Company broad geographic market representation.

The Company's natural resource operations are conducted through its wholly-owned subsidiary Arava Natural Resources Company, Inc.

("Arava") and the Company's 85% owned subsidiary Alaska Gold Company ("Alaska Gold").

A major portion of Mueller's products are ultimately used in the domestic residential and commercial construction markets and, to a lesser extent, in the automotive and heavy on and off-the- 4 road vehicle markets.

Mueller's industrial products include brass rod, nonferrous forgings and impact extrusions that are sold primarily to OEM customers in the plumbing, refrigeration, fluid power, industrial valves and fittings and automotive industries, as well as other manufacturers and distributors.

MANUFACTURING SEGMENT Mueller's standard products include a broad line of copper tube, which ranges in size from 1/8 inch to 8 inch diameter, and is sold in various straight lengths and coils.

Mueller is a market leader in the air conditioning, refrigeration and dehydrated tube markets.

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The refrigeration product line also includes products for the refrigeration and air conditioning installation and service after-markets.The number of shares of the Registrant's common stock outstanding as of March 11, 1994 was 9,596,193, excluding 403,807 treasury shares.