Validating a self confidence scale for surgical trainees

13-Apr-2020 04:17

validating a self confidence scale for surgical trainees-59

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Nevertheless, to date, it has never been formally validated as an adjunct in undergraduate medical education.

Our results indicate that MAS’s perform comparably to current gold-standard revision resources; however, they may confer significant advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness and practice flexibility. Medical simulators offer a potentially invaluable educational resource for medical trainees.Similarly, students were told not to specifically revise in advance of the study, and this was in order to ascertain a representative assessment of baseline day-to-day competence.Students were informed that they were ineligible to enter the study if they had previously attempted any of the clinical skills modules on the MAS.The app constructs a rendered 3-dimensional virtual reality environment, and then guides users through every stage of each procedure using touch-screen motion gestures.

In turn, this allows users to rehearse the steps of the procedure: a technique known as ‘cognitive task analysis’ [13, 14].To date, medical simulators have been used in a range of healthcare education settings [1].