Validating social security number javascript

13-Mar-2020 01:59

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You can use a client-side scripting solution like Java Script that performs certain validation rules before submitting the form data.The advantage to this approach is that the user does not have to wait for the data to be submitted to your application, validated and returned.Since this is an item of type "numeric," it is automatically validated as a number.The validate rules "required:max=4:min=0" specify that the element is required and must be between 0 and 4. However, if multiple rules are applied to an element, the validation process will throw a warning on the first violation and stop processing that element.This can be somewhat confusing, but is the only effective way of specifying them.

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There are two opportunities to validate data entered via web forms.

In some cases, such as the telephone number, it does not make sense to specify a mask without a pattern, but you may want to specify a pattern without a mask.

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