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As well as the Error Provider component notifies the user of any validation problems.In complex controls like Data Grid View control, we have built-in support for displaying validation errors as well.But the key components, which the end-users interact with, are those which reside in the presentation layer.Therefore, this is the first place where the validation should be done.The Validating event is intended to fire immediately after input has been completed but not accepted as valid.The Validated event is fired when the input is accepted as valid.This prevents you to write a lot of validation code.Every control exposes two events: Validating and Validated.

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Validation in Windows Forms Validations concerns about checking data entry and making sure it is valid based on the criteria of the application requirements.

Introduction An important part of any data-driven application is ensuring data validation and handling errors when they occur.

Validation means that any data input meets the application requirements in order to ensure consistency and correctness of the data.

The Validating event is the one that handles most of the validation logic.

This event defines an event argument (Cancel Event Args) which contains the Boolean property named Cancel to set a signal that the event being fired should not be completed.A problem with this approach is that if the users enter an invalid value and tries to close the application, by default, they won't be able to do it. NET 2.0, we have the Auto Validate property on the Form class that lets you specify exactly what the behavior should be when the validation error occurs at the control level.