Varanoir kingdom of chaos the universe

04-Jun-2020 11:44

One day, her grandfather sneaks a message into her sandwich; the message reveals that Vara Noir, normally open only to the best, is welcoming regular folk in for a limited time.Myu takes this opportunity to enroll, mainly with the intent of making friends, but unfortunately she has absolutely no skills in fighting...The result was Gakuen Toshi/School City Vara Noir (subtitled Kingdom of Chaos The Universe), a strategy RPG that was all about the students of the prestigious school Vara Noir, where young boys & girls can learn to potentially become the heroes of the future.Going alongside this RPG was a two episode OVA to help promote the game...The main cast here is a small one, but it's worth bringing up.Myu is voiced by Ai Nonaka (Fuuko Ibuki in Clannad, Beauty in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo), and she does a great job bringing Myu's simple & innocent optimism out, and she really makes the role hers.There's Faust, an overly-enthusiastic boy who acts like he's God's gift to the world, calling Myu "Honey" and acting like he's the focus of any scene he's in.While Faust has his moments, he's overall more annoying & just weird than anything else.

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Visually, Vara Noir fails in just about every aspect, delivering limited-as-hell animation but not utilizing it in ways that keep it from making the title suffer.

The stuff that helped make Idea Factory a laughing stock to many people, so bad that it might not even be "so bad, it's good".

By the time 2002 came about, the Spectral & Generation of Chaos series were the main force behind the IF Neverland franchise, but Idea Factory decided to expand on the world by introducing characters that can be used later on in the timeline, essentially allowing fans of the franchise to see these characters start out young & inexperienced but grow into true heroes.

She is a voice actress (seiyuu) represented by the Aoni Production talent agency. Hirohashi is well known for being the voice actor for Miles "Tails" Prower.

All right, when it comes to Idea Factory anime so far we've got an average one (Generation of Chaos), a below-average one (GOC Next), & a damn good one (GOC III)... Well, here's one for you: A prime example of Idea Factory's ambition being a little too big for their abilities, or at least their budget, and a title I am willing to break my "Only Titles I Have Seen Everything Of" review policy, at least for the moment.

And if the second episode is anything like the first, then I hesitate to want to watch it one day.

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